Máy pha cà phê CaféMatic 6

With the pursuit for a perfect cup of coffee, our commercial coffee expert – CaféMatic 6 – The designed to deliver a range of high quality and rich flavour that would elevate your coffee experience. These 2 models are ideal for hotels and large sized restaurant’s volume consumption.
Chức năng:
• Touch screen with changeable light decoration
• CaféMatic 6 has two grinders with two bean hoppers; CaféMatic 8 has two grinders, two bean hoppers and two powder hoppers
• Double boiler system, coffee boiler and steam boiler
• Comprehensive beverage outlet for coffee, hot water,milk / milk foam • Boiler overpressure protection is achieved by mechanical spring and ball devices
• The boiler is protected from overheating through a thermostat
• Milk foam temperature more than 60 degrees
• Water inlet and water tank for selection
• 10.1’ Touch screen with video function
• Brew unit is easy to disassemble
• New Linux platform
• With water drain pipe
• Two pump system


Espresso (50ml): 156 cups/hour
Két nước: max 4L
Phễu chứa hạt: 1200g x 2
Kích thước: W340 x D535x H835 (mm)
Khối lượng: 43 kg
Xuất xứ: Trung Quốc

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