Máy pha cà phê Franke Flair F 2M HD CE2

Simple & efficient, the Flair delivers consistently high quality hot beverages for low volume applications. With its self contained water tank and cooler, the Flair is highly portable and an ideal solution for fine dining, office coffee, hospitality and catering. Simple and efficient, the Flair offers the ultimate user convenience. Having many of the same features as the higher volume Franke superautomatic espresso machines, the Flair delivers consistent high quality for low volume applications. The Flair can make Cappuccinos and Lattes at the touch of a button and the hot water and steam arms add to beverage flexibility. The machine also comes with a separate Milkmate cooler. Storing one (1) gallon US milk jugs, the Milkmate keeps milk cool and enclosed. Highly portable with its self contained water tank and cooler, this specialty coffee machine is the ideal solution for fine dining, office coffee, hotels and catering.

Chức năng:
–2 grinders for regular and decaf coffee
–8 programmable drink buttons
–Single-touch grinding and brewing
–Hot water outlet and steam arm
–Designed for easy maintenance
–Automatic cleaning and rinsing program
–Illuminated LCD display
–Adjustable height coffee dispenser
–Operates on a standard 110 V / 15A circuit
–Self-contained water tank (no plumbing required)

Phạm vi thương mại: up to 50 cups/day
Sản lượng hằng ngày: up to 50s/ day
Phễu chứa hạt: 2 x 200g
Két nước: 5L
Kích thước: W423 x H523 x D42 (mm)
Khối lượng: 18 kg
Xuất xứ: Thụy Sĩ


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