Whether you’re a large corporation, a chain or an intimate Bed and Breakfast, Boncafé has the perfect coffee machine for your hotel! We also provide elite training services to ensure your staff know how to use it!

With renowned global experience in the hospitality industry, we pride ourselves on supplying a fitting solution for any room.

Regardless of it being a bedroom, meeting room, restaurant or bar and lobby, it’s our mission to deliver you the exact professional expertise you need to succeed.
From the ultimate equipment, coffee, cups, saucers and promotional materials, to providing extensive barista training and servicing with ongoing support, we work hard to ensure your business thrives.

We work with you from start to finish, in order to ensure the best customer experience and coffee machine for your hotel. We also offer finance options to ensure the most comfortable solution for your enterprise.

An exceptional coffee machine means an exceptional service for your hotel guests! When you provide your guests with a delicious warm beverage, we can assure they’ll be coming back for more!

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Restaurants & Coffee Shops

Coffee business have been very popular nowadays therefore choosing the cafe’s location can be very important and when integrated with the distinctive interior decorations, which is a major factor to help attract customers to your store, these are the factors can help your business sit pretty throughout its business years.

Apart from the location and decorations, the beverage’s taste and quality are also vital factors that the owners must never overlook as these factors will help sustain the business’ lifespan. This is why Boncafe is very determined to be the important assist on your selection of the best ingredients and coffee machines, including essential accessories especially for your coffee business along with training courses to help those in need to understand more on how to open their own coffee shop.

Boncafe is ready to support your business to grow further and succeed as you hoped for whether your business size is small, medium, or large.

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A business runs well, starts from employees’ happiness

Coffee in Vietnam has stepped up its position in the industry recently. Not only is it widely popular among coffee lovers, but also particularly among office workers who pay more attention to their morning and afternoon coffee routines. Having a coffee machine in offices for freshly-brewed coffee is surely a great idea. It boosts morale by making life more pleasurable during working hours and creates a good image for visitors. Boncafé has many types of coffee machines that can fulfill the different needs of each office, depending on your requirements; such as, quantity, coffee menus, and a suitable size of coffee machine.

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Retail Solution

We intend to approach our nationwide consumers by increasing more point of purchases in department stores, especially for consumers’ convenience while selecting Boncafe products.

Our bean to cup coffee machines produces quality coffee in your office at a fraction of the cost. Easy to operate and recommended for offices of any size; bean to cup coffee machines offer freshly roasted coffee for you.

“From the selection of the blend to the packaged product, we put at your service our experience for a customization project that best represents your brand.”

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