Problems with your coffee machine, grinder or blender but you can’t come to us?
No problem, we will come to you!

Our Technical Support is a team of qualified and experienced technicians. You can reach them at 028 3846 8046 from Mondays to Fridays, 8:30am until 5:30pm. Every weekend, we have standby technicians, so we can get your machines up and running again in no time.

It is important to choose a machine that best meets your current and future demands. Every coffee machine requires checking at regular intervals to ensure that it continues to perform at its optimum. Coffee machines differ not only in terms of price, quality and performance, but also regarding their service requirements and your usage environment. Our team can help you choose the right machine for your requirements.

At Boncafé, we make it our priority to ensure that your business operation will not be affected once your machine is pulled out for service. A temporary machine replacement will be provided if your machine is removed for service requirements.

Backing up our customers with technical support is an integral component to our business and the way we operate. We have a team of skilled technicians on standby. We offer full consultation and professional guidance by conducting site inspections and completing installations.

Whether installation or back up service and maintenance, our high skilled technicians will deliver the best result to meet your business operations requirements.

As qualified and skilled technicians, we recommend that the maintenance of your coffee machine should be carried out every 3 months. Regular checking service could also be arranged by joining our maintenance program.

Coffee machine calibration is highly recommended on most new coffee machines. During this service, steam pressure, brew water pressure and temperature are set to optimal values using sophisticated test equipment. If purchasing a new machine, this one will be unpacked, tested, adjusted accordingly and repacked before being delivered.

Are you looking for spare parts for coffee machines, grinders or blenders?

Boncafé provides specific espresso machine components or spare parts for equipment that we carry. In addition, we can supply coffee grinders’ and blenders’ spare parts to support both service technicians and baristas.

Having trouble finding the right component? Call us or fill out the Service Form and we will help out to source the required part for you.