Máy pha cà phê Gaggia Anima Class

Anima Class
Anima Class delivers a perfect in-cup result in a few seconds and it never disappoints. Enjoy 5 coffee and milk-based drinks (of which 4 at one touch), from the traditional espresso to a foamy cappuccino, and personalize their length and strength.

Điểm cài đặt:
• One 13 amps power point

Kích thước: W221 x D430 x H340 (mm)
Phễu chứa hạt: 250 g
Két nước: 1.8L
Sức chứa ngăn kéo: 15
Kích thước: (LxDxH) 221x430x340 mm
Khối lượng: 8kg
Xuất xứ: Ý


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